Meet Our Team

Andrew Moss

Chief Operating Officer / Vice President


``I performed in a Guns 'N Roses tribute band under the name Pistols 'N Pansies.``

Crystal Davis

Customer Service Rep.


``I don't do photos.``

Heidi Grant

President / CEO


``My favorite job was working at Dairy Queen because everyone is happy when they order ice cream!``

Karen Smith

Executive Assistant


``While growing up in Cincinnati in the 1960's, I was on the Uncle Al Show and the Skipper Ryle Show many times!``

Kitty Bracken

Customer Service Rep., Accounting

937.855.4151 x111

``I have a red phone.``

Leslie Perkins

Customer Service Rep.

Linda Grise

Customer Service Rep.

``My mother and I have been feeding the same raccoon and possum for about 7-8 years now. They both live under the back deck. The possum used to be a small, white critter and now is gray and fat. I feed them dried dog food and bread every night. If it rains, they go around to the front porch and eat where there is dried cat food for all the strays, now you all know why we have so many cats!! If I forget to put food out, the raccoon knocks on the patio door to let me know I have forgotten to feed her. The raccoon has babies every spring so I make sure I feed her extra food for her babies.``

Thomas Winning

Senior Lender


``I enjoy running in my free time. Forrest Gump is my idol...Run Forrest Run!``

Mandy Ward

Customer Service Rep.

937.855.4151 x100

``My great uncle was the 'Lion King' of Germantown.``

Nancy Reno

Customer Service Rep.

937.855.4151 x121

Nickey Owens

Customer Service Rep.

``I have ten brothers and sisters; however, I am an only child.``

Nicole Rech

Customer Service Rep.

``I enjoy music, reading, and playing video games.``

Valerie Beavers

Credit Analyst/Processor


``I like reading...but only hardbacks.``

Stephanie Deryke

Customer Service Rep. II (Loan Servicing)

937.855.4151 x120

``Since I was young, I have always enjoyed taking photographs. In the past few years, it has become my passion to go out and take pictures of nature, especially birds. I get a thrill from finding eagles, osprey, hawks, owls, or other unique and interesting creatures. My husband and I spend much of our weekend in the local Metroparks. We also manage to find interesting places to capture photos when we are on vacation. Photography is my zen.``