Germantown's own community bank.

Community Banks are focused on building relationships with our families, friends, and neighbors. You know - people like you. Building and maintaining a positive face-to-face relationship means you’re more than a printed report. We also consider our Southwestern Ohio economy as well as our experience through knowing you personally.

A community thrives on giving back to one another. The loans we provide for local businesses, agriculture, home buying and personal vehicles have fewer default issues than any national competitor. Our loans are strong so our customers can have the flexibility to receive free checking and savings accounts that can earn bonus rewards for monthly spending qualifications.

Being a Community Bank means we want to keep everything local. We want to make sure you are provided with the best care and support possible, which is why your financial needs are a priority by the same people who live and work here, too - in the Germantown area.

About Us

We are thrilled to say that we have been serving our community for more than 150 years. What a privilege! As we evolve into the new meaning of “connected”– having a full battery, strong WiFi and great Facebook following (You can follow us if you’re going there!).

We know to stay relevant with today’s ever-advancing technology is expected (We do, by the way!). Then there’s our successful track record of being trusted by generation after generation because it can only happen with authentic interactions that matter. Staying connected with your community means you’re always plugged into what’s happening in real time, right here.

Over the course of that time, we help you grow even stronger families, homes, and businesses because we do whatever we possibly can to make the most with your money and time.

Meet the Team!

About This Website

Seek and ye shall find. That’s our vision with the online interaction we’re having right now. We want you to find what you are looking for quickly and connect with us easily.

We’re aiming to introduce our team, express our values and priorities, plus provide an overview of all the solutions we have for your financial needs. If there are further questions you have, and you want to reach out – then we are ready! We were hoping you would want to meet to finalize plans. That’s the start.

Our Community Support and Charitable Donations

It takes a village to make a community grow and be safe. We are committed to volunteering, giving, supporting and promoting non-profit initiatives designed to protect the strength of the community.

We encourage our employees to become actively involved in Germantown and the surrounding communities, supporting their passions beyond their career. We together can make our community thrive.

Being part of a team helps students understand the importance of being responsible and helping others win!

What Makes FNB Germantown the Right Choice for You?

We know your money and your time are valuable to you. We also know your community is important to you! While you can find checking accounts anywhere, you can’t find all financial needs in one place that keeps everything earned locally. You'll have to agree, there’s so much potential!

We are here to cheer on your future endeavors. The more you succeed, the more we succeed. Our team is ready to find what recipe of our solutions will best support you along the way.

The best leaders have a profound sense of ownership in the success of their community. They understand the responsibility for safety, accuracy, and service their customers deserve.

That’s FNB Germantown. We are here for you.