Identity Theft

Since 2014, 12.7 million people have fallen victim to identity fraud in the United States. At FBN Germantown, we are dedicated to providing the best response options for identity theft.

Top 5 Types of Identity Theft

– Tax-related Fraud
– New Credit Card Fraud
– Phone or Utilities Fraud
– Bank Fraud
– Employment-related Fraud

Warning Signs of Identity Theft

– Phishing emails claiming there is a problem with your credit card, credit record, or other personal information
– Calls from scammers claiming to be from your bank
– Suspicious activity or charges on your accounts

Think You’ve Been Hit?

What is your first move if you find suspicious activity? If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact FNB Germantown immediately. For instance, if you find suspicious charges to an account, call immediately.
To be proactive, become an ID TheftSmart Member BEFORE something happens. Find a list of explanations and benefits of ID TheftSmart below.

Identity theft

ID TheftSmart Protection

identity theft

ID Theft Consultation & Restoration Process

Kroll Advisory Solutions is the global leader in risk mitigation and ID restoration with 40 years of experience. Their identity theft experts are licensed private investigators, therefore, this enables them to access databases of personal information unavailable to the general public. Ultimately, such access provides vital information about a consumers’ identity theft issue.

Identity Theft Services Include:
– Access to fraud investigators for questions regarding ID theft issues.
– Information on customers rights & current legislation.
– Recommend steps to reduce ID Theft exposure.
– Attempt to confirm ID fraud.
– Organize details and issues.
– Explain fraud victims’ rights.
– Identify the nature and potential severity of the fraud.
– And much more.

Credit Monitoring

The credit monitoring program notifies customers of activity in their credit file. Customers receive an alert when one of the following activities is reported:

  1. New Account Openings
  2. Credit Inquiries
  3. Payment Delinquencies
  4. Public Record Changes
  5. Change of Address

Also, credit monitoring allows customers early detection of fraudulent activity and of identity inaccuracies.

Additionally, we provide our customers with a team of Credit Specialists. The Credit Specialists:

  • Answer your data questions.
  • Can submit disputes on your behalf saving you time.
  • Are available Monday through Friday 9-5 pm.
  • Will send you alerts online or offline.
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