It’s time for your home improvement projects to start

A FNB HELOC is a line of credit you can borrow against when you need to. It’s perfect for homeowners who want to tap into their home’s equity to make home repairs and renovations.

One Hec of a HELOC

$ 0

Closing Cost
Annual Percentage Rate 4%
*Current Prime Rate 4.25%
**Closing Cost $0

Benefits of a FNB Home Equity Line of Credit

Flexible Repayment Terms

  • Whether you’re tackling a big project or a series of smaller ones, borrow what you need, when you need it. Borrow against your line for up to 10 years.

No Application Fees

  • No fee to apply. No closing costs.

Questions? Want to apply for a HELOC? Contact a FNB Loan Specialist (800) 246-0989

*Rate is variable for a 10-year draw period, interest only payments and may adjust monthly based on the WSJ Prime rate of 4.25% as of 3/4/2020.  Loan rate converts to a fixed rate with principal and Interest payments for a 10-year repayment period and is determined by the variable rate at the time the repayment period begins.  Rate will never be less than 4.00% or greater than 18%.  Early Close Penalty of $500.00 if closed within first three years. Annual Fee $50.00. **No closing costs requires minimum draw at closing $5,000.