When you’re right in the trenches of working in your business, who has time to work on the business?

FNB Germantown’s Business Online Banking allows you to spend the time where you need it most – making the sale.

Business Online is always evolving with more intuitive features that include; simple click bill pay, dashboard account views, and easy user access, designed so you can organize and manage the finances of your business operation.

Main Street Business Checking

$ 8

Per Month
Monthly Fee $8
Waive Requirement Receive a $.025 credit for every $100 in deposit balances ($3,200 avg. daily bal. waives monthly fee)
Statement Fee $0
Transaction Transfer Limit Unlimited
Online Access Yes
Bill Pay yes
Mobile App yes
Mobile Deposit yes
Daily Limit for Mobile Deposit $5,000
Cash Management Available, must apply

Here’s how they each contribute to saving you time after business hours:

Bill Pay Avoid spending time and money writing checks and buying stamps. With online Bill Pay you can:

-Make one-time payments
-Setup automatic payments for recurring expenses
-Schedule email alerts for payments you don’t want to miss,
-Use overnight check when a payment needs to arrive the next day
-No additional fees for this service or per item fees unless you use the overnight check service. –No additional fees, no postage, no hassle bill payment!

Account View Get a quick and complete view of all business accounts at FNB Germantown on a single screen. And with Account View you can see your business:

-Checking, savings, and loan account balances
-Upcoming payments and transfers you have scheduled
-A cash in and cash out picture of your business accounts with a pie chart of spending
-The option to select how you want to view the information on your home screen.

Account View lets you organize how you want to see the financial information from your FNB –Germantown accounts. You control what user access you allow to your FNB Germantown accounts. Employees, bookkeepers, and accountants may need to access your business accounts to do their jobs. FNB Germantown’s User Access gives you the control you need to authorize each employee’s access to your business accounts and manage their level of online permission.

View Only Access allows employees to view account data but only you can conduct transactions from the account

Security Controls – allows you to manage access permissions you have authorized including deactivating or deleting user access when required

Still not ready to put all your eggs in one basket? Ok. Until you do, we’ve opened access for you to transfer funds between your FNB accounts and accounts at other financial institutions.

You can also initiate direct ACH transactions to vendors and expenses plus establish templates for standard and recurring ACH groupings you create. All simplified solutions are designed to save you time while putting you in control of your business finances.

Contact us to learn how FNB Germantown’s Business Online can help your business save time and money!