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One of the things that drives FNB Germantown is our involvement in the communities we serve. This calendar is a place where you will find events that we host or sponsor, as well as events that are taking place in our communities.

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Want to add an event to the calendar?

We want people to get involved in all their community has to offer and love where they live. If you have an event that is open to the public, we invite you to add it to our calendar. How can you do this? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Fill in all the pertinent details – the more the better
  3. Submit your event for review

An email will be sent to our calendar manager who will review your event’s information. If approved, the event will appear on the calendar for all visitors to view. If your event is not approved, we’ll notify you. Please feel free to email us for further information as to why. We encourage you to follow up on your event submission to ensure a timely posting on our end.

Thanks for helping us connect our communities!